Emkad Building Solutions Inc. has allied with multiple other highly regarded products in order to give you integrated value added services to all areas of your project.

Emkad Building Solutions Inc. has started out as a humble Home Building & Renovations Company with the motto “if you can dream it, we can build it”. We at Emkad believe those words still ring true and as a team with over 50 years of experience can create unique, functional, and effective construction projects to meet all your needs.

Emkad Building Solutions Inc. is a new generation of design/build General Contractor, specializing in Pre-Engineered Building Solutions for all your needs. We are a company striving to bring new innovations, new technologies, and new products into every build; combined with our dedication to honesty and integrity, you will never be disappointed.

Steel Buildings

Emkad Building Solutions Inc. is striving to create unique designs for large scale commercial, agricultural, and industrial projects across Canada with the help of Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings. Steel buildings are unique in that their options are endless. As a premier steel provider and builder, we believe that we can use that to our advantage to create highly functional and effective building solutions for you.

With all our buildings being constructed to the highest standard of CSA – A660 and IAS Accreditations, and combined with the ability to ally with other great products, not only will your buildings look good and make your business run effectively and efficiently, it will be a product that lasts for a generation.


Emkad Building Solutions Inc. is proud to offer a new line of Pre-Engineered Buildings to our team. We believe that the Pre-Engineered Fabric Building is a perfect compliment to our line-up. With MegaDome you are getting superior quality, a company backed by 50 years of manufacturing experience, unique MegaDome specific technologies, and our ability to integrate other aspects of design. You will not be disappointed.

Home Building

Emkad Building Solutions Inc. owner, Joel Isaac, started off as a roofer in Edmonton at the age of 17, and knew he was excited for a life in construction. With a desire to learn more about the process, he took up framing and worked with some of the elite construction teams in Calgary. Joel spent many years being a carpenter, site supervisor, landscape manager, and in many other management positions. He created Emkad to stand out as an elite builder/renovator with his creative design ideas and his passion for excellence.

If you have a project that requires more flare for the dramatic, or something unique that others have told you cannot be done, then call Emkad Building Solutions Inc. to help make your dream a reality.

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